The Brand

Neos is a manufacturing brand of design & functional dining furniture. For over 10 years, our teams of designers and technicians have sought to create intelligent furniture, both attractive and practical for entertaining. This has resulted in world-famous products such as the vertical bookshelves carousels, or the extendable table needing no extra furniture for storing the spare leaves.

The inspiration of this unique furniture was born in Paris. Members of our small family community group desired to design furniture that really suited the way of life we enjoy. A style, wherever since hospitality has built some of the happiest moments experienced in our homes.

So our story started when a genuinely life-changing carousel was designed, taking up the space of one armchair and giving easy access to our complete library of books. Its success led us to create a whole versatile range of rotating bookshelves and small tables. The well known and world-wide used extendable Neos dining table followed closely, providing great joy of having all guests comfortably gathered around one spacious table.

Recently, Neos completed the range with plush leather type stackable chairs, a popular Z3 side table, and furthermore with a unique piece of art : the Baroque extendable table, blending style and practicality. Our desire is to continue producing and innovating in a unique range of modern-classic furniture that is ever more required in our houses, providing a better quality experience for receiving friends.All our products are in stock, and ready for immediate despatch. Please visit our webshop to purchase.

Neos, always be ready to welcome friends.