The Sparkling Experience

18th november 2017

The Sparkling Experience Paris Event was held on the 18th of November in the grand Pommery Champagne Estate.

Largest construction project of the 18th century in Reims, the cellars were dug out by miners to create 18km of galeries formed of numerous vaults, and creating a giant subterranean town, decorated with immense sculptures and artwork.

The Elizabethean neo-Gothic castle built over it raises up elegantly in the Champagne area to display the quiet grandeur of Pommery’s savoir-faire. Red bricks combined with a subtle blue façade represent a concept/philosophy of breaking barriers down and inviting people in from the whole world.

Neos was proud/enthused to present various furniture collections, with a special focus on it’s latest product : the Baroque Chambord table that extends up to 6m20 and seat 24 guests.

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